Undeniably, America is and will continue to be a nation of immigrants. Immigration is a vital part of our history and remains important today. It is inextricably bound up in our politics economy, international trade, health care, national security, employment and education. Our country’s immigration laws, however, can be confusing and often are misunderstood.

The mission of this blog is to educate readers on our immigration laws. It will cover issues, history and policies affecting immigration both in the United States and worldwide. We hope to celebrate immigrants and raise awareness of the contribution they have made to our country and culture. The world may feel smaller because of technological advances, but the most important asset of any company remains its human resources, including employees new to the United States.

As the principal contributor to this blog, and an immigrant myself, immigration is an intensely personal topic. I remember standing in a crowded convention center filled with hundreds of joyful new Americans, many with tears of happiness flowing, as I took my oath of citizenship. I was only 18 at the time, but I remember distinctly my feeling of pride and awe when I was welcomed as a United States citizen. It is a feeling I re-live with every case we conclude successfully.

The attorneys of the Jackson Lewis Global Immigration Group have helped employers with petitions for tens of thousands of immigrants. We welcome you to this blog.

Davis Bae
Attorney at Law and Naturalized American Citizen