During the I-9 verification process, foreign-born employees often present a variety of Permanent Resident cards, commonly called “Green Cards.” However, for the last few decades, no version of the Permanent Resident card has been the color green.

USCIS announced on May 11 a new version of the Permanent Resident card will be issued. The card will include new, enhanced security features. (See USCIS Press Release, USCIS Q&A.) New, personalized elements of the card will make it more difficult to forge, and each card will contain a Radio Frequency Identification chip. Furthermore, the front of the card contains green-colored features, once again making the “Green Card” green!

The image below, provided by DHS, illustrates the security features on the new Permanent Resident card.

If you have any questions regarding the new Permanent Resident document, document verification, or the I-9 process in general, please let us know.