Comprehensive Immigration Reform (CIR) once more may have had new life breathed into it. President Barack Obama on July 1 called on Congress to act on CIR and fix our “broken” immigration system. As a part of this reform, he said that employers who take advantage of the underground labor market should continued to be punish, the estimated 11,000,000 undocumented aliens currently in the U.S. should be allowed a “path” to legal residency, and the delays hindering those pursuing legal immigration should be fixed. The president questioned Congress’ ability to pass such legislation, but indicated that action on CIR was urgent.

CIR has been pronounced dead more times than anyone can remember. Some see legislative priorities like healthcare reform, banking reform, the housing market, job loss and the economy as dominating the legislative agenda in the foreseeable future and CIR’s chances seem a long shot. Even in the wake of Arizona’s controversial immigration law, which many thought would force some sort federal action, reform seemed a long way off. Perhaps now with the Administration’s clear support, we will see progress in CIR.

We will continue to stay on top of developments as they arise.