The Social Security Administration (SSA) has resumed notifying employers of social security number mismatches of employees. The No-Match or “Request for Employer Information” letter states that the information reported on an individual’s W-2 or W-2c form do not match the Agency’s records. On receiving a No-Match letter, the SSA requests the employer do the following:

• Compare the SSA information with the individual’s employment records.

• If the records match, ask the employee to check the name and Social Security number on their Social Security card.

• If the card does not show the employee’s correct name or Social Security number, or if a name change or a correction is necessary, instruct the employee to contact a Social Security Administration office to resolve the discrepancy.

• Provide written responses to several questions about the individual in question and return the completed form to the Agency (separately from any Form W-2c correction filing).

The SSA cautions the employer that the No-Match letter alone should not the basis for taking adverse action against an employee. A mismatch can be for many reasons, including typographical errors, incomplete or blank names reported, name changes, or incomplete or blank social security numbers reported. In the past, about 10 percent of all W-2s initially received by the Agency have some sort of a name-number mismatch.

Employers who receive a No-Match letter should contact legal counsel to determine whether any action is necessary. Each case is different and must be examined and analyzed individually.