As previously reported, over the past several weeks, a number of U.S. consulates were temporarily closed due to security concerns creating processing delays for U.S. visa applicants.  Consular posts in 20 cities, including all three posts processing visas in Saudi Arabia, were closed from August 5 through August 10 in conjunction with a worldwide travel alert posted by the State Department.  In addition, the US Embassy in Egypt announced that regular consular processing services were  being suspended beginning the afternoon of August 14 at least through August 15 due to the ongoing unrest in that country.  Separately, a number of consulates located in predominantly Muslim countries will be closed for all or some period over the coming weeks for the Eid holiday marking the end of Ramadan.  Petitioners and visa applicants in affected countries are advised to check with the local consulate regarding potential appointment and processing delays and to should anticipate possible delays in visa issuance.