The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) has issued new memoranda of understanding (MOUs) for E-Verify browser users and Web Services users and developers. The MOUs set out responsibilities for the user and the government regarding the online employment eligibility database. The MOUs became effective for new users on December 8, 2013, and will become effective for existing users on January 8, 2014.

USCIS states that the new MOUs do not change the E-Verify enrollment process.  Existing E-Verify users do not need to execute a new MOU, but they are bound by the enhancements.  USCIS notes that many of the changes are structural, including new titles and sections.  The revised MOUs also include enhanced privacy protections and instructions for reporting privacy and security breaches.  E-Verify Employers and E-Verify Employer Agents are strongly encouraged to review the revised MOUs closely.