In November 2018, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) notified the public of the opportunity to become a certified cargo screening canine!  Qualified explosives detection canine teams and their providers would be able to become registered Certified Cargo Screening Facility-Canines (CCSF-K9) in the TSA’s cargo screening program.

Until that time, only canines specially trained by TSA were available for this function. The idea was to enhance airport security in a cost-efficient manner by expanding the group of canines available to include third-party providers.

Rigorous assessments and background checks are conducted.  The first group of certified third-party canines has started in time for the holidays.  TSA Administrator, David P. Pekoske explained that “[t]he canine program is an integral part of TSA’s layered approach to security.”

Happy Travels, Happy Holidays, and Happy New Year!