Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has issued a Federal Register notice with instructions on how to apply for Temporary Protected Status (TPS) for both Ukraine and Sudan. Both designations run for 18 months, until October 19, 2023.

When Ukrainian TPS was originally announced, only individuals who had continuously resided in the United States since March 1, 2022, were eligible to apply. With the new announcement, DHS has moved that date forward by more than a month to April 11, 2022.

Ukrainians who meet the eligibility requirements will be able to register for TPS and apply for employment and travel authorization during the registration period that runs from April 19, 2022, through October 18, 2023.

The new initial designation of TPS for Sudan applies to all Sudanese nationals and those of no nationality who last habitually resided in Sudan who have continuously resided in the United States since March 1, 2022. During the registration period, which runs from April 19, 2022, through October 19, 2023, eligible individuals may submit applications for TPS, employment, and travel authorization.

There are Sudanese nationals who already have TPS and employment authorization that has been continued until December 31, 2022, based on pending litigation. While this status might be further extended, DHS advises that even those individuals should apply for the new initial designation to avoid any possible gaps in status.

Ukrainian and Sudanese students who are in the United States in F-1 status and who are suffering from severe economic hardship may be able to request work authorization, reduce their course loads, and work increased hours.

Instructions on how to apply for Ukrainian TPS and the new Sudanese TPS are found in the Federal Register.

Jackson Lewis attorneys are available to assist in making applications, determining work authorization, and advising on the employment verification process for employees with TPS.