Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has issued a Federal Register notice with instructions on how to apply for Temporary Protected Status (TPS) for Cameroon. The designation runs for 18 months, until December 7, 2023, and the government estimates that approximately 11,700 individuals may be eligible.

Cameroon has been designated for TPS due to extreme violence between government forces and armed separatists, deadly attacks by terrorist groups and vigilante self-defense groups, and human rights violations leading to a humanitarian crisis and economic decline.

Cameroonians who have continuously resided in the United States since April 14, 2022, may apply for TPS. Individuals arriving after that date will not be eligible. Those who meet the eligibility requirements, including demonstrating continuous physical presence in the United States since June 7, 2022, will be able to register for TPS and apply for employment and travel authorization during the registration period, which runs from June 7, 2022, until December 7, 2023.

Cameroonian students who are in the United States in F-1 status and who are suffering from severe economic hardship may be able to request work authorization, reduce their course loads, and work more hours.

Jackson Lewis attorneys are available to assist in making applications, determining work authorization, and advising on the employment verification process for employees with TPS.