Venezuelans who entered the United States before March 8, 2021, are eligible for Temporary Protected Status (TPS). That has not stopped the flow of Venezuelans who are still coming to the land border and are being sent back to Mexico. To help relieve this, USCIS announced a new online Venezuelan Parole Program, modeled after the Uniting for Ukraine Program.

The Uniting for Ukraine Program allows family members or other sponsors to host arrivals in the United States. It has significantly eased the flow of Ukrainian crossings at the southern border by offering a clear legal mechanism to lawfully enter the country. Upon entry to the United States, the parolee is eligible to apply for work authorization.

The new Venezuelan Parole Program is currently limited to 24,000 people and the “cap” is expected to be hit quickly.

Those who are eligible must:

  • Have a supporter/sponsor in the United States
  • Have a valid Venezuelan passport
  • Pass national security and public safety vetting
  • Must fly to the United States at their own expense to an interior Port of Entry upon approval

There is no “parole in place” for Venezuelans already in the United States and others, due to their immigration backgrounds, are ineligible for the new parole program:

  • Individuals who were ordered removed from the United States within the past five years are ineligible.
  • Individuals who entered the United States illegally after October 19, 2022, also are ineligible.

Supporters/sponsors may be individuals or entities lawfully located in the United States. They must show sufficient financial resources to receive and support the individual(s) they agree to sponsor throughout the parole period. Supporters may sponsor multiple beneficiaries and may join together to meet the financial requirements to sponsor beneficiaries.

Specific instructions and details on applications can be found in the Federal Register.

If you have any questions, please contact a Jackson Lewis attorney.