Many employers traditionally have relied upon H-2B visa holders to augment their permanent workforce during seasonal and peak-load cycles simply because they cannot find U.S. citizen and Permanent Resident workers to handle the temporary assignments.   The H-2B temporary program generally allows U.S. employers who meet specific regulatory requirements to bring foreign nonimmigrant workers to the

Following five days of hearings over three weeks and consideration of 300 amendments, the Senate Judiciary Committee on May 21, 2013, passed the immigration reform bill in a bipartisan 13-5 vote. Three Republican Senators, including Senators Lindsey Graham (SC) and Jeff Flake (AZ) who helped draft the original bill, joined ten Democratic Senators to approve

The fervor surrounding Arizona’s new immigration statute, Support Our Law Enforcement and Safe Neighborhoods Act (Senate Bill 1070), has grown in the days since Governor Jan Brewer signed the Bill into law on April 23, 2010. The Arizona legislature adjourned on April 29, 2010, which means the Act will become effective 90 days later, July