The long-awaited announcement of the 60-day re-registration period for Haitian TPS beneficiaries is about to be published in the Federal Register on January 18, 2018. The re-registration period will begin immediately upon publication.

The Acting Secretary of DHS announced on November 11, 2017, that TPS for Haitians, previously set to expire on January 22, 2018, would be extended then terminated on July 22, 2019.

Current beneficiaries can re-register and apply for new EADs. According to the expected Federal Register notice, individuals with EADs valid through January 22, 2018, will receive an automatic EAD extension, valid until July 21, 2018, regardless of whether they apply for new EADs. In order to extend work authorization beyond July 21, 2018, until July 22, 2019, however, those beneficiaries must re-register and apply for a new EAD.

Individuals who timely filed re-registration and EAD applications during the last Haitian re-registration period and have not yet received approvals need not reapply at this time. Their applications will simply be processed under the new guidance.

The Form I-821 re-registration application does not require a fee, other than the biometric fee. EADs have the usual fee requirements. Fee waivers may be available.

The full text of the unofficial announcement, including information on reverification for I-9 purposes, can be found at