In the competitive global video game industry, the United States remains at the forefront despite the recent rise in foreign gaming companies. Some of the most prestigious video gaming studios are located in the United States, and the battle among studios for elite talent to work on their breakout productions is fierce. Studios are forced to look outside the United States to secure talent, and their recruiters need the tools to sift through resumes of not only individuals who are qualified, but who would qualify for U.S. work visas.

Two of our Los Angeles immigration attorneys, Zain Abidi and Ben Lau, published an article recently in Immigration Lawyers Toolbox Magazine on O-1A Visas in Gaming: From the Programmer to the Athlete. Be sure to check it out here (it begins on page 62) and feel free to contact either of them directly to discuss how the O-1A visa may be the right choice for your technology company.